Speaker Biography

Prof. Massimiliano Ciaravolo

Cagliari university, Italy

Title: Computer Guided Implant placement through impacted Canine and immediate provisionalization


Prof. Massimiliano Ciaravolo is from Department of Biomedical and Dental Sciences Cagliari University, Italy.


Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate an unconventional protocol implants insertion through the impacted canine to avoid invasive surgical extraction. Methods: The study was conducted with a sample of 1 patient. These patient was selected from the waiting list for dental implant at the University of Cagliari. An unconventional implant (Ø 3.75 x 12 mm) was inserted (Leone, Italia) with a computer guided protocol through impacted canine with immediate provisonalization. Results: Implant was clinically stable, 4 years follow up and radiographic examination did not show any unusual feature at the root‐implant interface. Conclusions:This study suggests that patients treated with dental implant insertion through the impacted canine might not interfere with implant integration; nonetheless, if confirmed as acceptable, this unconventional protocol might open intriguing possibilities; it might also lead to revision of one of the leading concepts in dental implantology. Keywords Clinical study; Unconventional Implant ; Impacted tooth; Patient-reported outcomes; Long-term follow-up