Speaker Biography

Dr. Marc B. Cooper

Title: Building a Conscious Culture


Dr. Cooper is an award-winning coach, consultant, author, elder, adviser and mentor, having worked with hundreds of professionals and professional organizations over his 34-year career in healthcare, primarily the dental industry. Marc has coached CEOs, Senior Executives, Boards of Directors, medical and dental provider-entrepreneurs, investment bankers, biotechnical companies, AI companies, and TED Fellows, to produce significant results in their businesses and their personal lives. Dr. Cooper has worked in 17 countries.  Over the last ten years, Dr. Cooper's focus has been on transitioning solo and small partnered practices to larger managed group practices.  Dr. Cooper is author of 11 books, 4 E-Books, over 2,000 blog posts, and number of videos and podcasts. Dr. Cooper lives in Portland Oregon U.S.A. 


Dentistry is undergoing similar rapid and profound changes as all other industries – mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital infusion. A worldwide phenomenon.  What worked in solo or small partnered practices no longer works as practices become larger and larger, rapidly moving toward becoming managed group practices (Dental Service Organizations). When an organization reaches a tipping point of growth, most leaders wonder how to scale the culture they have built as they add additional people, and possibly layers of management or new locations and functions. They realize, culture is “king,” that culture eats strategy for breakfast, that culture is sovereign, but how to have a high-performance culture in multiple sites with not 7 or 8 employees but 50 to 100 employees?.. What becomes obvious in companies that have a conscious culture have enriched emotional intelligence and greater empathy and listening skills; improved critical-thinking skills and decision making; strengthened communications and relationships, and enhanced leadership capabilities and capacities. In generating and sustaining a conscious culture, there are three legs required; core values, purpose, and consciousness (self-awareness).  All three of these elements need to be present as an integral part of the day to day activities of a company. When all three - purpose, core values, and self-awareness, are fully integrated, a conscious culture results.