Speaker Biography

Dr. Huda Abutayyem

Ras Al Kamiah Dental College (RAKCODS).

Title: Psycho-social impacts of malocclusion and orthodontic treatment in adolescent patients

Dr. Huda Abutayyem

I have UAE and UK license and completed Ph.D in clinical orthodontics from Eastman Dental Institute, UCL London, UK. I am experienced academic and specialist in the field of orthodontics, working as assistant Professor and specialist in Orthodontics, Ras Al Kamiah Dental College (RAKCODS).. I had the Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of  Edinburgh (M.F.D.S). I have a number of publications posters. I was a speaker and moderator of some conferences.



Malocclusion may have an impact on psycho-social aspects but the evidence is less clear cut regarding the potential benefits associated with orthodontic treatment. Conflict arises when views are expressed about the impacts of different types and severity of malocclusions on self-concept, self-esteem and social anxiety. It is reasonable to assume that untreated malocclusions may have psycho-social and QoL effects and there is now evidence in the literature to suggest that this is the case. However, the evidence looking at the effects of orthodontic treatment are more controversial and this was, therefore, the focus of this literature review.