Speaker Biography

Chigara Fatima Zohra

Algiers University, Algeria

Title: Autogenous teeth bone graft in implantology


Fatima Zohra Chigara is a final year dentistry student at the Algiers University. She works as an intern at a university hospital and is also pursuing an internship at a private cabinet specialized in implantology. She’s currently writing her thesis about guided bone regeneration with a prime focus on autogenous bone grafts.
Fatima Zohra is part of the dentistry department scientific club Myrrhe and is involved with raising awareness about oral health and dental diseases prevention as an active member of the association


Each year thousands of extracted teeth are considered as clinical waste, but today, these teeth can be successfully used for guided bone regeneration as an autogenous teeth bone graft in many cases of bone loss. The different characteristics of the dentin makes it a perfect material for bone regeneration and structural and functional restoration of bone defects allowing implants to be successfully placed in situations of bone resorption.By following a certain protocol of tooth grinding, dentin particles are obtained and can be grafted into the alveoli, and alveolar bone defects or even as sinus fillers. Thus an extracted tooth should no longer be considered as environmental waste as it represents today a valuable treatment alternative with very positive clinical and histological feedback.