Speaker Biography

Dr. Afzal Ali

Pacific Dental College and Hospital, India

Title: Guided endodontics: a case report of maxillary lateral incisors with multiple dens invaginatus


Reader, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Pacific Dental College and Hospital,


Navigation of the main root canal and dealing with a dens invaginatus (DI) is a challenging task in clinical practice. Recently, the guided endodontics technique has become an alternative method for accessing root canals, surgical cavities, and calcified root canals without causing iatrogenic damage to tissue. In this case report, the use of the guided endodontics technique for two maxillary lateral incisors with multiple DIs is described. A 16-year-old female patient was referred with the chief complaint of pain and discoloured upper front teeth. Based on clinical and radiographic findings, a diagnosis of pulp necrosis and chronic periapical abscess associated with double DI (Oehler's type II) was established for the upper left lateral maxillary incisor (tooth #22). Root canal treatment and the sealing of double DI with mineral trioxide aggregate was planned for tooth #22. For tooth #12 (Oehler's type II), preventive sealing of the DI was planned. Minimally invasive access to the double DI and the main root canal of tooth #22, and to the DI of tooth #12, was achieved using the guided endodontics technique. This technique can be a valuable tool because it reduces chair-time and, more importantly, the risk of iatrogenic damage to the tooth structure.