Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT)

1) Highly sensitive electromagnetic field (EMF) resonance phenomena between 2 identical molecules with identical weight.

2) when abnormal part of the body or tissue above it is stimulated by minute mechanical force or monochromatic light beam. If there is an abnormality, O-Ring made by selected 2 fingers between thumb & another finger, suddenly O-ring becomes weak and it will open when the examiner is trying to pull the 2 fingers apart from the sides of the examinee’s O-Ring. When examiner can open O-Ring very easily, it is defined as Bi-Digital O-Ring Test minus (-). When examiner cannot open O-Ring with O-Ring made by examiner’s two fingers, it is called (+)1. If it does not even open with 3 fingers, it is called (+)3. The number of the openings of the O-Ring made by different fingers increases proportionally to the degree of medical problems. If the O-Ring does not open, it is called positive. When O-Ring is open, it is called negative. For example, if 3 O-Rings open, it is called (-)3. Using this non-invasive test, one can localize the abnormal area of the body rapidly with one exception: where the only exception is Thymus gland where when Thymus gland is normal, BDORT is negative (-)2~(-)5when it is normal.

3) when the monoclonal light beam is projected to the body surface, like when the red-colored laser beam is projected if the specific molecule is placed near light beam, information on molecular structure & weight will be transmitted by direction towards where the laser beam is going. At the same time, the same information will be transmitted towards the source of where the laser beam coming from.

4) Imaging of outline of internal organs using EMF resonance phenomena between internal organs inside of the body & microscope slides of the same internal organs. You can detect the boundary between resonance & non-resonance area without using expensive, bulky imaging device.

  • Track 1-1 Indirect Method
  • Track 2-2 Solar energy stored papers

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